Goagent get “global name ‘SSLContext’ is not defined”

The thing is I updated my goagent from github with my ubuntu, however after that, every url begins with https through goagent is unaccessable.
Tracked log says: NameError: global name ‘SSLContext’ is not defined.
Check python installation package:
sudo apt-get install python-dev python-greenlet python-gevent python-vte python openssl python-crypto python-appindicator python-setuptools
Then: sudo easy_install -U gevent

Why is that?
gevent.ssl.SSLSocket.__init__()  tries to reference SSLContext which doesn’t exist in Python 2.7.8 yet, but it’s introduced in Python 2.7.9.
Bug fixed in the newest version of Python-gevent.
See here for more details.


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